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Here Are Some FAQs That Might Help

Click the box below to read some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then fill out the form below and we’ll be there to help!

  • How to Update Rocket?

    To see what is the latest version of Rocket, you can either click the version number at the bottom of Rocket, or click here(https://publisherrocket.com/updates/). If, for some reason, you do not have the latest version, no problem. Just delete your copy off your computer, and download the latest version from here.(https://publisherrocket.com/download/)

  • I didn’t get my license number

    You should have gotten your license key in another email, however, if not, no worries – there’s another way:

    1. On your receipt, you can find your “Order ID #.” This looks something like this: Order ID: #6787435
    2. If you take that Order ID number and add a “LE-” to the front of it, you’ve now got your license number 🙂

    If that doesn’t work, then contact us on below and we’ll find it for you.

  • Will Rocket work on my (iPad, smartphone, Chromebook, etc)?

    Unfortunately no, however, Rocket will work on PC and Mac computers. It works for Mac 10.9 above and all versions of Windows except for Vista and older (10+ years). Once downloaded, just open up the one file, choose whether you’re on a Mac or Windows and begin. It’s that simple.

  • I got my license but it doesn’t work

    There are two possibilities that may cause this. The first, is that you have a space to the right or to the left of the license key (usually from copying from the email with an extra space) which caused the invalid message. Or, you have a virus protector that is stopping Rocket from sending a signal to test the license. If neither of these are the case, contact us below and we’ll hand generate a new one.

  • My export is blank or has “” inside each cell

    If you run into this, sorry about that. There is one specific version of Excel that does this. We’re working with Microsoft to figure out how to get that changed, but luckily it’s a very small percentage who run into this. In the meantime though, the export can be opened in Google Sheets, and will show correctly, thus allowing you to use the copy and paste functionality for your AMS ads. Here is a video showing you how to do that, if you’re not familiar with it: https://cl.ly/sVjJ

  • I can’t find Rocket on my computer (Mac or PC)

    Sometimes an operating system will place the file somewhere different or remove a shortcut. In order to find it, here is a video depending on whether you have a Mac or Windows:

    Mac: https://cl.ly/1346680db0d7
    Windows: https://cl.ly/s3pL

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