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Here are the answers to some of our most common questions

How do I update Rocket and how can I tell if I'm using the current version?

To get the most current version, just delete your copy of Rocket and download the latest version here. You can see what version is the most current on our Updates page. You’ll find your version number in the bottom left of Rocket.

Why doesn't my license key work?

There are two possibilities that may cause this.

The first is that you are using an outdated license key. If your license key begins with “LE” then you have an outdated key. We sent out new keys in 2020.The second possibility is that you have not entered in the key correctly as there are a few tricky characters. (We’re looking at you uppercase i and lowercase L). Please try using your keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the license key into Rocket.

In most instances, however, it is easier to use your Email Address to activate Rocket, not your key. Please try using your purchasing email address instead of your key and see if that gets you up and running!

Will Rocket work on my device?

Publisher Rocket is a downloadable software that will work on PC, Chromebook, and Mac computers. Rocket works for Mac 10.9 above and all versions of Windows except for S-Mode, Windows Vista and older versions(10+ years). Unfortunately since it is not a web-based app, it will not work on iPads, tablets, or smartphones.

Some Linux users have been able to get Rocket to work with the compatibility program Wine. However, this solution hasn’t worked for everyone. 

Does Publisher Rocket work for international markets?

Currently, Rocket analyzes the US marketplace (, the UK marketplace ( and the German marketplace ( 

Any international markets that we add in the future are included in the free updates for Publisher Rocket owners.

Why is Rocket returning "N/A" results in the Keyword feature?

 If the clock on your computer is not synced with an internet time server, Amazon can reject your data pull due to an incorrect time stamp.  Please follow the steps using the appropriate link below and make sure during the process that the “Synchronize with an internet time server” box is checked.



Why is Rocket showing only dashes (-) in the Keyword Feature?

In this instance, you just need to click the orange magnifying glass button next to the words you’d like Rocket to pull data for. We don’t have Rocket analyze all of them automatically due to the heavy load that would put on Amazon’s server.If you’re a visual learner, we recommend watching the Rocket tutorials for great information on how to use Rocket.

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The current version of Rocket is 2.0.83 for Windows and Apple, 1.0.9 for Chromebook 
If you are using an outdated version please update Rocket to see if that will resolve your problem.
To update, delete your copy of Rocket and download the current version at