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Version: 2.0.50

  • NEW FEATURE: Unleash the Categories in the Competition Feature. Now you can see all the categories a book is indexed for with the click of a button.
  • Created a new licensing system to prevent illegal use of Rocket
  • Found and fixed a bug in the Category Feature causing both types of categories to show when “ebook” was chosen
  • Found and fixed a bug in the Keyword Feature causing Amazon A-Z suggestions not to show for one-word keywords.


Version: 2.0.49

  • Made improvements to the Category Feature allowing the data to load faster upon opening the program
  • Found and fixed a bug in the Keyword Feature causing a delay in the return of the analyzed data

Version: 2.0.48

  • Found and fixed a bug in the Keyword Feature causing a delay in retrieving Google search volume

Version: 2.0.47

  • Expanded the Amazon keyword suggestions in both the Keyword and AMS features
  • Made improvements to the Google suggestions in the Keyword Feature
  • Found and fixed a bug in the Keyword Feature causing some keywords to get ‘stuck’ analyzing

Version: 2.0.46

  • Found and fixed a bug in the Keyword Feature causing the original keyword not to show
  • Found and fixed a bug in the Category Feature causing Short Reads categories not to show

Version: 2.0.45

  • Found and fixed a bug in the German earnings results
  • Improved the AMS exports to remove extra spaces
  • Updated the AMS feature to return more results
  • Updated the US Category list strings and links

Version: 2.0.44

  • Added additional functionality on the backend to help speed up the results in the Keyword Feature
  • Reconfigured the program to install properly on Mac Catalina OS

Version: 2.0.43

  • Added the German market (ebook only)
  • Updated the Category Feature to include Textbooks
  • Updated the information pop ups in the Category Feature
  • Found and fixed a bug in the Category Feature search bar
  • Added an auto-retry function in the AMS Feature to work with Amazon’s new API

Version: 2.0.42

  • Updated the export file name to include the keyword
  • Updated the competition score calculation to work with Amazon’s limit of 1200 competitors
  • Added an auto-retry function in the Keyword Feature to work with Amazon’s new API
  • Found and fixed a bug causing low results in the AMS Search feature

Version: 2.0.41

  • Updated Rocket to work with Amazon’s API 5.0
  • Cleaned up code on the backend to improve Rocket’s speed and performance
  • Made improvements to the User Interface in the AMS Feature

Version: 2.0.40

  • Found and Fixed a bug in the Keyword Feature causing the analyze button to get stuck for some users
  • Found and Fixed a bug in the Keyword Feature causing the first search to return e-book results for all searches

Version: 2.0.39

  • Enhanced the Amazon Searches per Month calculation in the Keyword Feature
  • Found and Fixed a few intermittent bugs in the Competition Analyzer
  • Found and Fixed a bug causing tabs to hide behind the “New Search” button

Version: 2.0.38

  • Added Short Read categories to the Category Feature
  • Improved the display order of the search results in the Keyword Feature

Version: 2.0.37

  • Found and fixed a bug causing some users to have to reenter their license key
  • Found and fixed a bug causing the analyze feature to freeze with keywords containing an apostrophe
  • Improved AMS export filter, no longer removing the word “book” from the export

Version: 2.0.36

  • Found and fixed a bug causing incorrect keyword results for some keywords in the Keyword Feature

Version: 2.0.35

  • Updated the Mac version to work with macOS Catalina
  • Found and fixed a bug causing duplicate keyword results in the Keyword Feature
  • Fixed a typo in the Category Feature

Version: 2.0.34

  • Fixed a typo in the Competition Feature
  • Made a correction to an “i” popup in the Keyword Feature
  • Found and fixed a bug causing the “x” on a tab to be covered by the New Search button.

Version: 2.0.33

  • Made improvements to the user interface in the Category Search feature.

Version: 2.0.32

  • Found and fixed a bug causing incorrect data to be shown in the Category Search feature.

Version: 2.0.31

  • Found and fixed a bug causing the Keyword Search feature to freeze.
  • Improvements to the functionality of the Keyword Search tabs.
  • Added “i” with information to the Age of the book in the Competition Analyzer.

Version: 2.0.30

  • Found and fixed a bug causing the autoupdate feature to fail for Windows computers

Version: 2.0.29

  • Found and fixed a bug with duplicated categories in the Category Feature
  • Found and fixed a bug where information was being repeated while switching between book and ebook in the Competition Feature
  • AMS exports improved

Version: 2.0.28

  • New Feature: All category search feature. You can now search for a specific keyword or phrase from the main screen of the category feature. You also have the ability to filter which types of categories appear in your search, e-book categories, book categories, or both. Just type at least three letters to get started.
  • We added a new loading animation to the Category Feature so you know that Rocket is hard at work loading your results.
  • We have improved Rocket’s ability to regularly update the category data for all 12,000+ Amazon categories.
  • We found and fixed a bug causing a random NaN response in the Keyword Feature.

Version: 2.0.27

  • In making the fix for the Analyze button, it caused our analyze button to be a bit erratic and wonky.  So, we strengthened up the programming for it and is now right as rain.
  • We found a bug in the export feature where it would sometimes not report the name of the search – Fixed.
  • We found another bug where sometimes it would duplicate the Competition Analyzer results – Fixed.

Version: 2.0.26

  • Amazon made a change to some internal data that made the Analyze button not work.  We made the change to reflect this and the Analyze button is back on track.

Version: 2.0.25

  • Changes in some labels and headers for better understanding.
  • AMS Export will automatically remove special characters as well as symbols which are not allowed in AMS Campaigns, this is different than 2.0.24 because we learned that our fix only corrected it once and if there were two, it wouldn’t remove the second are any others after.
  • Improved the accuracy of results under AMS Keyword Search – specifically the keywords shown for Category data.
  • Improved the functionality of Tabs thus removing phantom tabs that were previously closed.

Version: 2.0.24

  • Improvement of the AMS filter system to be more reliable
  • AMS Export will automatically remove the alphanumeric characters as well as symbols like :!@#$%^&*()+- which are not allowed in AMS Campaigns
  • The titles of books in the export are truncated to 10 words since that is the max words allowed in a AMS campaign

Version: 2.0.23

  • Fixed issue with certain Windows computers not auto-updating correctly and failing in install
  • Fixed AMS filter issue

Version: 2.0.22

  • Ensured AMS Exports removed illegal characters automatically

Version: 2.0.21

  • Added more categories to the system.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the AMS Filter system

Version: 2.0.20

  • Fixed Apostrophe in popups don’t work in the tabs – when “new search is used (merge issue)
  • New search button z-index in Keyword Search
  • Fixed the UI issues of the delete button on the tabs
  • Fixed the overlapping Tabs in Keyword Search when beyond 9 tabs
  • Fixed issue with some AMS categories not showing up in the filter
  • Added new categories

Version: 2.0.19

  • Added a better “New Search” button that is more obvious and conducive.
  • Fixed some bugs that were occurring in search and check competition

Version: 2.0.18

  • Fixed issue of tabs not closing with clicked on
  • Improved the Tab closing UI – caused problems where it was difficult to click the exact spot where the ‘x’ was
  • Updated some wording on some of the hover over buttons

Version: 2.0.17

  • Added Tabs to the top so as to save previous searches
  • Created back buttons  so you can quickly transition between Keyword and Competition analysis

Version: 2.0.14 – 2.0.16

  • Couple of bugs that were different between PC and Mac
  • Improved Filter System for AMS 
  • Update to Category system

Version: 2.0.13

  • Improved the PC version tables and functionality

Version: 2.0.12

  • Improved the data tables for features so that the headers are always aligned
  • You can now expand the width of Rocket without it affecting the scroll bar
  • Fixed a couple of bugs

Version: 2.0.11

  • Added a search bar to the Category Feature so as to help authors filter out Categories, and improve their efficiency at finding categories.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs



Version: 2.0.10

  • Added the capability to tell Rocket to look at a specific format of a book in the competition analyzer



Version: 2.0.9

  • Fixed issue with the export button not working on the AMS feature



Version: 2.0.8

  • Since the creation and unofficial launch of version  2.0.0, we’ve worked with the beta testers and new users to change the system and improve it.
  • Completely updated entire database to include every possible category on Amazon
  • Bug fixes 



Version 2.0:

The introduction of our first ever version 2.0.  This was built because when we first created Rocket, we had no idea how popular it would be. Over time, we added new features and made the program do even more for authors.  However, in order for us to continue adding to rocket, improving it and creating more features, we needed to redesign the program from the ground up.  With that, Rocket 2.0 was born.



Version: 1.0.54 (MAC) and 1.0.55 (PC)

  • In January, Amazon started doing testing on their Categories.  This caused problems for our Category feature and some of our AMS feature.  The above two versions have improved the situation, allowing all features to work and progress except for the Category feature.For Macs, the Category data isn’t being tested as much, so you’ll find that you don’t run into the problem often. However, for PC, you’ll see the Category feature down a lot.But no worries, because we’ve got two things for you:A: Our version 2.0 coming out soon has been tested and will not be subject to those tests, or any other future tweaking -yay!B: If, however, you need Category data and can’t get it, contact us on support and one of our teammates will fire up their Mac version and get it for you.Sorry about all of that.    




Version: 1.0.53

  • Due to Amazon’s cloud system, it was stopping our Keyword, Competitor and some of our AMS features from not fully functioning.  This version changed the way data is worked in the cloud so that it doesn’t have that issue.  




Version: 1.0.52

  • Fixed some bugs




Version: 1.0.51

  • 1.0.50 fixed most of the Windows 10 users issues, however, it didn’t fix all – this should get ’em!
  • Also, our first iteration of Mac 1.0.50 had a bug



Version: 1.0.50

  • Amazon implemented a new cloud based system to help them combat DDoS hacker attacks. However, this also caused our system to be mistakenly blocked (especially for Windows 10 users).  However, a fix was created alleviating the issue



Version: 1.0.49

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Speed issue on Windows 10 version changed
  • Status bar fixed



Version: 1.0.48

  • Minor bug fixes



Version: 1.0.47

  • Switched Rocket to a secure https mode for pulling data


Version: 1.0.46

  • Amazon made some changes to the way they show data which caused some users to get the “24 hour break popup.”  This update has been made to fix that.
  • However, we’ve found that some Windows 10 users are still running into the problem.  My team and I are currently working on v1.0.47 to address that issue.


Version: 1.0.45

  • Updated to reflect Amazon’s new changes to the way they were showing reviews.  Reviews are now working inside of the competition analyzer of Rocket.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the white screen to show up when switching between tabs – especially the AMS tab.
  • Updated the words on the Keyword Feature popup box.


Version: 1.0.44

  • Updated to reflect Amazon’s new way of showing Categories strings



Version: 1.0.43

  • Fixed bug with Amazon suggested searches in the Keyword feature
  • Fixed bug with the previous entered keyword showing up again when you would go to do another keyword search
  • Updated the DigiCert to allow for Rocket to operate happily with other programs and operating systems.



Version: 1.0.42

  • PC version icon was missing


Version: 1.0.41

  • New Feature – AMS Filter.  You can now filter your AMS keyword results based on the way Rocket found it.  So, no longer will get you random books from random categories.  Take control and get the AMS keywords you want, all with a simple click of a button.
  • Bug fix on AMS keyword suggested A-Z keywords

Version: 1.0.40

  • THANK THE MAKER – Amazon finally finished their A/B testing of categories and we created another version of Rocket to work with Amazon’s new way of handling categories.  So, all functionality of the AMS search and Category search are back in operation!


Version: 1.0.39

  • We discovered that Amazon’s Category changes are still in A/B testing.  So, based on Geo-location, some users were seeing the original way, while others were seeing the new way.  We added both to Rocket, so all users could use the new category feature regardless of your location and what version of Categories you were seeing.


Version: 1.0.38

  • A change made only to PC to reflect a bug in the PC version


Version: 1.0.37

  • Updated to reflect Amazon’s new changes to Categories. This will make it so the Category Feature and AMS Keywords Feature report correctly.


Version: 1.0.36

  • Added the word “version” to the bottom to help make the version number more identifiable
  • Made the version number a clickable link that will take you to this page.
    That way, all users can not only see what the latest version is but also can read about what we changed
  • Fixed a bug with Amazon suggested A-Z suggestions
  • Renamed three of the four features to something that is a little more straightforward:
    • Idea Search -> Keyword Search
    • Competitor Analysis -> Competitor Analyzer
    • Category Hunter -> Category Search
  • Removed “Report Bugs” and have combined that with Support.
  • Removed “Download Tutorial PDF” link at the bottom.  All tutorial information will be shown on the Tutorial page


Version: 1.0.35

  • Minor bug fixes


Version: 1.0.34

  • After coming out with the Category Feature, Amazon changed their category internal programming, causing our Category Feature to fail at pulling information as well as the category aspect of our AMS Search to fail as well.  Once Amazon got their new programming finished, we pulled an all-nighter and made the necessary changes to reflect Amazon’s changes.


Version 1.0.33

  • Introduced the brand new Category Hunter feature.  With this, you can now quickly do a search of for niche categories, and see how many books that day you’d need to sell in order to be #1 or in the top #20 of a category.
  • See it in action here: